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Massage Therapy Services

                           half hour                        $50

                              45 minutes                           $70

                           one hour                        $90           

                           90 minutes                   $130                      

                       Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, debit tap*, Visa and Mastercard.     

                      We also offer direct billing for the covered portion of your Blue Cross health plan.


Hot Stone Massage Therapy 

                                           one hour                  $125

                                 90 minutes             $155


Hot stone massage therapy services require more time booked off in the schedule, to allow for proper care, cleaning and preparation between sessions, which is reflected in the price. When booking, extra space is needed (that is built into the appointment) to ensure that your request will be confirmed. For assistance booking your hot stone massage email or, text Leanne for assistance with booking at (403)617-1794.


All prices are subject to GST.